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Sonny was 7 months old when we decided that we couldn't train him without help.  He was a cute and loving Lab puppy who chewed everything in sight, especially my pants legs.  And he would hide everything he could get to.  He'd jump on people and had become a terrible nuisance. Taking him for a walk was a battle - he chewed the leash and pulled to go faster.

After going through Dog Zone's boarding school training program, he is a joy to have around. Our daily two mile walk is now a pleasure and friends are safe from his jumping. He's back to being the love of our lives because he got the right training.

"Thank you Dog Zone trainers for the great job you did"


Daisy came to us from Bulldog Rescue at the age of 1.5 years after having been through two homes and four foster homes.  We knew she was a good dog, but has never been told what was acceptable behavior and what was not.  We'd been able to teach her a few things (like sit), but she jumped on guests and several times dashed out the door and ran away. We needed professional help quickly so that she did not end up lost or hurt.

Daisy went to boarding school for three weeks. Even on her first weekend home, we could tell that she was learning. She now knows how to sit, stay, wait, go to her place, not jumping on people, and leave it.  Our friends notice the difference too.

Daisy still has all her spunk, but now hears important words and knows what to do when she hears them. And our relationship is even stronger! 

"It was a great investment. Keep up the good work."


After much research, we decided on getting a Leonberger puppy. They are a large breed dog that has a reputation of being great with young children. We understood that her mouthy behavior and jumping was a "puppy thing", however it was getting worse and she was growing very quickly.  She became very hard to deal with.  Our children ran from her, afraid and sometimes in tears. Neighbors and their children stayed away too.  We were beginning to think we made a horrible decision in getting this dog.

Then a friend told us about Dog Zone in Battle Creek. The research said it was not advisable to send your dog to boarding school for someone else to train. Nothing could be further from the truth. When she came home from boarding school she knew sit, stay, go to "place" and she actually obeyed every command I gave her.

Lulu is part of our family again. She learned "self control", but kept her great personality and is just a fun-loving dog.

"Thank you for your positive approach to training dogs (and their families)."


I initially enrolled in the Puppy Foundation classes at Dog Zone to help socialize my pit bull puppy with other dogs.  The constant reassurance and encouragement from the trainers during those first few days of class made me relax and enjoy myself, which was beneficial to both my puppy and me.

I was so impressed by the trainers and their wealth of knowledge in dog training and products, I quickly enrolled in the Social Manners class.  Their professionalism, patience, kindness and true love of animals are apparent in the way they conduct themselves. 

Having a "hands-on" course like theirs is a really great way to go. My once nervous and energetic puppy is now confident in her ability to perform and looks to me for direction and guidance.  I would highly recommend the Dog Zone training classes. It is the best thing anyone can do for their dog (and maybe their own sanity).

"You will never know how grateful I am for everything you have taught me."