Our mission is to help our local dog owners walk confidently with their pets in our community. We do this by taking the time to learn the behavior dynamics of each very unique pet. When we understand how your dog learns, we can maximize your dog’s training success. Each of our trainers offers one-on-one attention during or after group classes, in individual classes, or board and train. We want you to be able to continue successful training and reinforce positive behavior when you are home. We offer guidance and resources for any new questions you have. Please feel free to discuss with our trainers any new challenges that you and your dog encounter. At Dog Zone, we pride ourselves on being able to offer effective, positive, and enjoyable training that will enhance the communication and bonding between you and your dog

Group Classes

Do you feel comfortable in a group class based on your dog’s training level and your skills?

Would you like to have a few private lessons before joining a group class?

Training in a group environment is a great way to help a dog reach maximum training success.  We have designed several different skill levels of classes to help educate, exercise and motivate you and your pet in a variety of ways.  Training, both physically and mentally, is tailored to the abilities of the dog and owner.  Please read over our  “Types of Classes” page.  If you have questions, we would love to hear from you and help you make a selection.

Board and Train

Participants in our Board and Train program begin with a consultation and evaluation with our training team. We will sit down and discuss the training options for your companion, answer questions, and note any unwanted behaviors. We then evaluate your dog to best understand their temperament and learning style. This information is then used to design a training program that best suits your pet’s needs.

All Board and Train participants receive around-the-clock care from our committed staff, multiple indoor and outdoor play/exercise sessions daily, complete access to fresh water, regular meals, along with safe and comfortable lodging during their continuous learning experience.

At the end of your dog’s decided stay, we will meet for a private lesson to show what your pet has accomplished and begin transferring our techniques to you. Our goal is to not only help you and your pet, but also help you to better understand one other. To promote your dog’s success, we ask whoever the dog is asked to interact with on a daily basis be present for the consultation and final private lesson.

Private Lessons

We offer one-on-one time with our experienced professionals to address a wide variety of training topics.

  • Helpful for dogs who have trouble with crowds and/or social (dog or human) situations.
  • An excellent head-start for puppies too young for Social Manners or first-time pet owners
  • A good alternative when group classes are in off-season

Private Lessons are available in 1/2 hour ($30) and 1-hour time ($50) slots. Please call for scheduling.

Play and Train

Your dog spends the day with us and gets personalized training attention during the day. The cost per day is $30.

Stay Dog

Puppy Head Start Program – $500

This program is for puppies (10-16 weeks old).  We’ll get started on house training, crate training, impulse control, sit, down, polite greetings and leash walking skills.  Preventing problem behaviors and training desirable behavior helps puppies get a great head start and makes them a joy to be around.  The Puppy Head Start Program includes:

  • 10 days of board and train
  • Puppy goes home on weekend to be with the family
  • 1 “Go Home” lesson
  • Personalized “Go Home” booklet with training help
  •  Access to private Dog Zone Facebook training group

Boarding School Program – $650

The Boarding School Program is for dogs 16 weeks and older.  This program is the foundation to form good habits.  Dogs will practice their training at our facility, working on the following: loose-leash walking, attention, sit, down, stay, wait (before entering door), leave it, recall (come), and go-to-place.  This program is ideal for families looking to take their dogs on walks in their neighborhood as well as having good manners.  Your dog will be set up to take the additional training classes required for earning the AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.  The Boarding School Program includes:

  • 10 days of board and train
  • Dog goes home on the weekend to be with the family
  • 1 “Go Home” lesson
  • 1 Private lesson within 30 days of program completion
  • Phone/email assistance
  • Access to private Dog Zone Facebook training group
  • Personalized “Go Home” booklet

The video below to the left features Odie, and the one on the right features our puppies. Both are previous participants of our 10 Day: Basic Program. 

Elite Program – $1050 (includes quality E-collar)

This program is for dogs 16 weeks and older.  It is comprised of everything in the Boarding School Program in addition to off-leash training (E-collar).  It is great for families who need a jumpstart on training but also need additional handling instruction or more site-specific training.  The Elite Program contains:

  • 15 days of board and train
  • Some training will be off location
  • Quality E-Collar included
  • 2 private lessons within 1 month of completion of program
  • Personalized “Go Home” booklet
  • Access to private Dog Zone Facebook training group

The video below on the left features an example of a participant on their second week in training. The video on the right shows Patron, after the program, in his at-home setting.

Naughty Dog Program – $500

This program addresses and corrects unwanted behaviors to include:  not coming when called, digging, jumping on people, and counter-surfing.  This is a Board and Train program that begins on a Monday and dog is picked up on Friday afternoon.  This program is not intended to address any type of aggressive behavior issues.

  • 5 days of board and train
  • Some training will be on location
  • Some training will be off location
  • Quality E-collar included
  • 1 private lesson within 1 month of completion of program
  • Personalized “Go Home” booklet
  • Access to private Dog Zone Facebook training group

Dogs with aggression issues are not suitable for the board and train programs.  We will be happy to help owners address aggression issues but only in a private lesson with owner present.  For most true aggression issues, we have referrals to give.