Day Care Policies

Dog Zone Day Care Policies



  • ALL dogs must have on a buckle, premier or quick release collar to play in.
  • Dogs may be walked in and out wearing training collars, such as pinch or choke collars, which will be removed for play time. If you have a training collar, we prefer your dog be dropped off in that collar. Dogs are better behaved arriving at day care in their training collars.
  • Dogs may not wear a harness. We will ask you to remove harnesses, before we take your dog in to day care.
  • ALL dogs 8 months, or older, must be spayed or neutered to attend camp unless prior arrangements have been made and as long as they do not display problem behaviors before 8 months of age.
  • ALL dogs must have proof of current vaccinations or titers and must be on flea and heart preventative.
  • DOGS WILL NOT be allowed to participate in regular camp activities if they have health conditions that could lead to injury or that could cause them to be re-injured. WE WILL accept *qualified dogs in need of supervised care due to health reasons that are not contagious in nature. *Not all dogs will qualify – dependent on their stress level during the required downtime.
  • ALL DOGS MUST attend camp a minimum of one day per week. Dogs feel more comfortable and secure when they come on a regular basis. Daycare becomes a familiar, stress-free, and fun experience that dogs look forward to.
  • ALL dogs MUST HAVE a Reservation. Playgroup and activity planning is based on which dogs are expected on any given day.
  • You MUST CANCEL your reservation by 7 am that day OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THAT DAY. Please be courteous and let others use the time that you don’t.
  • Daycare HOURS are 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Please be considerate and adhere to these hours.


A LATE FEE CHARGED for Pre-Arranged Late Pick-Up, $10 for any pick-up after 6:00 PM.

NO PICK-UP AFTER 6:30 pm. Dogs not picked up by 6:30 pm will be fed and bedded down for the night. If no prior arrangements were made, the late fee plus a fee equal to TWO day’s visit (to cover extra care for overnight stay) will be added to your regular cost for the day.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to keep a current address and phone numbers on record with us.