Training & Classes

At Dog Zone, we offer a variety of ways to help you train your canine companions

Private Lessons*

We offer one-on-one time with our experienced professionals to address a wide variety of training topics.

  • Helpful for dogs who have trouble with crowds and/or social (dog or human) situations.
  • An excellent head start for puppies too young for Social Manners or for first-time pet owners.
  • A good alternative when group classes are in the off-season.

*Available in ½-hour ($40) and 1-hour ($60) time slots

Play & Train Day

Your dog spends the day with us and gets personalized training attention during the day.

  • Your dog must be a current visitor at daycare and have gone through training at Dog Zone
  • Call us about our Puppy Play & Train package for that new member of your family (puppies under 6 months currently attending and acclimating to daycare)
Dog Zone Day Care

Group Classes

**Group Classes are currently ON HOLD due to COVID**

Group classes typically run 5 weeks, one day a week for about 50 minutes, with you and your dog attending. We offer:

  • Beginning Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience

Stay & Train Programs

Your dog will stay at Dog Zone to receive training from knowledgeable trainers experienced in multiple training techniques and styles. Our trainers can customize programs to best fit your dog’s individual needs. We start the process with a consultation and evaluation to understand your dog’s temperament and learning style, discuss training options, and answer questions. You receive a private lesson and lesson booklet at the end of your dog’s training to make sure our training techniques transfer to you in order to maintain your dog’s newly learned behaviors.

We offer the following

Training Programs

Puppy Head Start Stay & Train

This program is for puppies (10–16 weeks old). We’ll train your puppy in handling/grooming skills, socialization (such as trips to the pet store), crate training, impulse control, sit, down, polite greetings and leash walking skills. Prevent problem behaviors and begin training desirable behavior; helps puppies get a great head start on obedience training and makes them a joy to be around. The Puppy Head Start Program includes:

  • 5 days of Stay and Train
  • 1 “Go Home” lesson
  • Personalized “Go Home” booklet
  • 2 Play and Train visits within the first 2 weeks after completion of Stay and Train
Basic Foundation Stay & Train

This program is for dogs 16 weeks and older. It is the foundation to forming good habits. Dogs will work on the following: loose-leash walking, attention, sit, down, stay, wait (before entering door), leave it, recall (come), and go-to-place. This program is ideal for families who want to walk their dogs in public and expect the dogs to have good manners. The program includes:

  • 10 days of Stay and Train
  • Dog goes home on the weekend to be with the family
  • Personalized “Go Home” booklet
  • 1 Private Lesson within 7 days of program completion
  • Phone/email assistance
Intensive Foundation

This program is for dogs 16 weeks and older. It is comprised of everything in the Basic Foundation Stay & Train Program in addition to off-leash training (E-collar). It is great for families who need a jumpstart on training but also need additional handling instruction or more site-specific training. The Intensive Foundation Program contains:

  • 15 days of Stay & Train
  • Some training will be off location
  • Quality E-collar included
  • 1 private lesson within 1 week of completion of program
  • Personalized “Go Home” booklet
Naughty Dog

This program addresses and corrects unwanted behaviors, including: not coming when called, digging, jumping on people, and counter-surfing. This is a Stay & Train program that begins on a Monday and the dog goes home on Friday afternoon. This program is not intended to address any type of aggressive behavior issues.

  • 5 days of Stay & Train
  • Some training will be on location
  • Some training will be off location
  • Quality E-collar included
  • 1 private lesson within 1 week of completion of program
  • Personalized “Go Home” booklet

Dogs with aggression issues are not suitable for the Stay & Train programs. We will be happy to help owners address aggression issues but only in a private lesson with the owner present. For true aggression issues, we will refer you on to a qualified professional who takes on the tough cases.

Our Trainers

We have several trainers who each work different dogs in different areas. We all work together to ensure that whether your dog is in training, attending day care, or getting groomed, they receive the best possible care.



Master Trainer

Kelly started at Dog Zone in 2003 and has been training dogs since 2005. She has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavioral Psychology from Western Michigan University. Kelly has been involved in a number of dog sports including obedience, rally, tracking, nose work, agility, and dock diving. She is a true dog whisperer and awesome at what she does!!